Management Approach

We are a self-driven company as we believe at SHAIGAN that when we empower employee we get maximum result. This is also reflected in our quality policy. Based on our philosophy of employee empowerment, we have hired and retained top brass professionals of relevant field for all of or departments and also provided them with appropriate external and internal trainings. This helps our managers to perform their best for overall objectives of the organization hence helping us achieve our mission and vision.

Our company structure is divided between operations headed by Director Operations and assisted by Production Manager, Quality Assurance Manager and Supply Chain Manager. While our sales are being driven by our General Manager Marketing and Sales and finance functions is headed by Finance Manager. Our General Manager research and development is taking care of all research and development of new products. Having well aware of power of information technology we have all of our operations computerized and integrated and is being well overseen by Manager Information Technology. Management also believes in uniformity and transparency of all of its operations and well equipped itself with the eyes and ears of an independent and objective Internal Auditor who is directly reportable to Chief Executive and Board of Directors. To cater requirements of all these departments and functions and to keep them motivated we have strong human resource department headed by very enthusiastic and devoted professional.

All these department heads are reporting to Chief Executive who is the ultimate driving force of SHAIGAN and has brought SHAIGAN from scratch to its present elite position in national pharmaceuticals Market.

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